Designs are concerned with how things look. They protect, depending on the country in which they are registered, for anywhere from (10+5) 15 years. They relate to any original feature(s) of a product such as its shape or configuration, or texture or pattern of woven or textile articles, not dictated by their function.

Requirements for Registration

Almost any design that can be applied to a product which is not solely functional can be registered. The basic Requirements are :

  • That the design is new, the details of which have not been disclosed in public (unless a grace period applies) and
  • That the design has an individual character which would be readily apparent when compared with designs of similar products.

Nearly every country has some form of industrial design registration and protection legislation, the laws pertaining to each country can differ markedly. It is important to note that in many countries on application, or after Registration, to mark the articles appropriately as Design Application.

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