April 21, 2016



Mynyx is a premier intellectual property consultancy and legal advisory firm providing high-quality legal and technical solutions for companies in the biotechnology, biomedical, chemical, health care, pharmaceutical, and other knowledge based industries.

It’s the actual intellectual property registration as per the Intellectual Property (IP) registration services. Business enterprises need to register their names or inventions in order to enjoy the true ownership and continue the business in the long run. Contact trademark registration consultants for trademark application, trademark applications, trademark form, trademark filing procedure, trademark in india, trademark in ahmedabad, trademark in delhi, Trademark Registration Consultants Rajasthan trademark in gujarat. know about trademark fee, trademark cost, trademark price, trademark filing fee, trademark government fee, trademark act, trademark symbol, trademark bill, trademark registration in ahmadabad, trademark search, trademark status, trademark registration, trademark infringement, trademark passing off, trademark filing fee, trademark procedure, trademark filing.

IP Advice / Consultation
IP Vigilance
IP Portfolio Analysis
4 i – Idea – Innovation –Industrialization- Income
IP Awareness
IP Prosecution
Single Platform Solution

Ahmedabad based Consultancy for Trademark Registration Services, Patent Registration Services, Copyright Registration Services, Patent Design Registration Services, Intellectual Property Registration Services, IP Registration Services in Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, India. Call +91-9099 3006 68, 9227 4416 96, or email us at [email protected], [email protected]

To Provide strategy consultation for Idea to Marketisation.
To Provide low cost IP services.
To Carry out optimum leverage from IP Right.
To Create IP awareness across the country.
To Form IP experts association.
To Provide Best IP Services for Protection of all types of Intellectual Properties.

One in All, end-to-end services for IP portfolio creation
Awareness for techno-legal-commercial Understanding.
Robust Protection of IP Assets.
Right way Direction for research & Development
Promptness, Accurateness, User friendly.

Inventors, Innovators, Applicants (Individual and organization)
Small & Medium Scale Industry, R&D Institutions, Colleges, Universities & Govt. organization.
Optimum Protection to IP, Management of IP, Generation of IP Portfolio,
Quick & Ready to use web-based delivery model.
Our client includes Various Individual, Pharma & herbal Companies, Private & Government R&D institutions


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