Trademark Prosecution

Soni & Soni offers consultation services for trademark prosecution. Trademark prosecution is the lawful process of registering a trademark for a product or service. A trademark is a distinctive symbol that represents a company and can take the form of anything from a graphic design to a mannequin. The process involves filing a set document relating to the trademark’s power, type, and permission. Registering a trademark symbol provides many legal privileges and rights to the trademark holder.

Prosecution involves filing of the initial trademark application followed by reviewing by a government examiner who is trained in trademark law and research. Depending on the number of trademark applications, the registration process can go for months or years. The process of trademark prosecution involves you and a trademark attorney filing an application with the Registrar’s Office and, if necessary, responding to examiner’s report. The filing process also includes preserving your trademark registration for the next few years to come.

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