Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing is a kind of deal between licensor and licensee to ensure permission of usage. Trademark Licensing is a legal contract between two parties that allows other party to use the trademark. This licensing is generally done in return of currency profits or anything that suits the need of trademark licensor.

Soni & Soni is here to simplify the process and ensure that businesses do not face legal hassle while the acquisition of Trademark Licensing. Mynyx aims to assists enterprises at all level of business development and trademark acquisition. With quality and reliable services from Mynyx, enterprises and individuals can enjoy the peace of mind and work on other important business development procedures.

Trademark Licensing involves a lot of middleman, which leads to irregularities but with Soni & Soni all such middlemen are side lined and proper documentation are done. Soni & Soni brings to world one stop shop solution that clears all legal roadblocks.

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