Trademark Classes

Soni & Soni is one of its kind service providers that not just serve with quality services but also open doors for learning. Soni & Soni brings to its entrepreneurial clients an opportunity to understand Trademark, Trademark Laws and Amendments intricately.

Trademark Act 1999 has undergone various changes since its deception; regular changes have been introduced in order to keep the ACT relevant in the modern age of technological advancement; while the ACT has been modified but the businesses continue to follow the grumpy old paradigm due to lack of information.

Soni & Soni brings to enterprises and individual businessmen opportunity to take Trademark Classes and get clear with the latest rules and regulations. Intricate understanding of Trademark ACT 1999 India will create a business environment where entrepreneurs can actually protect their business and products from frauds and cheats. One needs to get well versed with the technological advancements and its trickle down effect on regulations in order to stay relevant in market and in competition. .

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