May 5, 2016

Trademark Acts India

Mynyx brings to enterprises and individuals services that ensure intricate understanding of trademark acts. The aim here is to create a world where people are informed about the latest trademark rules and regulations. The purpose of Trademark Act 1999 India is to enroll trademarks under the provided guidelines by the Government of India. Initially the trademarks were issued to ensure protection of goods and trades against the forgery but with the technical advancements, constraints have increased hence government has introduced changes to confiscate fraudulent behavior along with production of productions through adulterated methods.

The Trademark Act 1999 leverages the trademark holder with the power to request inquiry against the frauds and seek monetary compensation for the loss that occurs.

Mynyx helps individuals and enterprises in filing for Trademarks and also assists in protecting the trademark from duplication and its misuse. With support from Mynyx enterprises can aim to move forward in the direction of growth with the peace of mind.


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