Patent Litigation

Soni & Soni is fully authorized to handle patent litigation. When an inventor owns a patent that is infringed, the patent owner can go for patent litigation. While several large cases have been won in patent infringement lawsuits, patent litigation process is generally lengthy and very expensive.

Patent litigation is a classic case of the tussle between David and Goliath. The claimant in patent litigation can be an individual or a small business, while the defendant is often a large company with practically unlimited resources. The defendant in patent litigation will insistently challenge every aspect of the patent owner’s claim. It is not sufficient to have a valid patent and a strong claim while entering into patent litigation. The case is likely to be won by the side that has the most experience and knows best what it is doing. Not only that, if a side has the resources to dynamically pursue the litigation, then it is likely to end up with a successful resolution.

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