May 5, 2016

Patent Filing Fees & Forms

There are two types of fee involved while filing patent in India:

  1. Government fee for forms, requests and renewals
  2. Professional Service Charge for patent attorney

Government fee is different for individual inventor and company. Fees for patent application are based on number of claims in the application. To give you an idea, the cost to file a patent is approximately Rs. 45,000 to 65,000 if you take our services. This cost covers the different stages of the application process, which includes:

  1. Novelty search (Rs. 15,000)
  2. Patent drafting and filing (Rs. 30,000)
  3. Reviewing examination report (Rs. 15,000)

The main form required for filing is the ‘Application for Grant of Patent’, which is available here:

Aside, there is the ‘Application for Provisional/Complete Specification’, which can be found here:

And, there is the ‘Application for Statement and Undertaking’, which is available here:


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