May 5, 2016

Patent Applications

MYNYX Consulting is a successful firm providing patent application services with respect to Intellectual Property Rights. We have been a dedicated service company specialized in patent application through in-depth research of worldwide patent and non-patent literature. We have a powerful team of experts bringing a wide range of expertise in several technologies. Weare determined to help clients grow through our value added services. Our highly qualified professionals offer customized and cost-effective patentservices to our clients. We developlong term relationship with our clients by constantly delivering top quality services with truepromise.

Our clients include national and international companies, leading research institutes and universities, entrepreneurial ventures, and independent inventors. We use sophisticated software to draft patent application using proper search method. After a final review, we assist our clients to submit the application to the Indian Patent Office. We aim to deliver significant results using MYNYX’s IP services and business solutions.


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