May 5, 2016

Design Renewal

Mynyx Consulting can gladly assist you with design renewal process. Typically, the copyright of a registered design has a term of 10 years, and can be extended by a period of five years from the expiration of original 10-year period. An application (Form-3) for extension of copyright must be filed before the expiry of the original 10-year period. Form-3 is available at The Design Wing is authorized to complete the proceedings of copyright extension in designs within a week from the date when Form-3 is received.

The extension of copyright in a registereddesign is entered in the Register of Designs and ispublished in the Journal of Patent Office. Further, if a registered design is lapsed due to a nonpayment of extension fee, then an application for lapse payment is required to be submitted to the Controller along with the prescribefee. This must be done within one year of design lapse.


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