Design Filing Fees & Forms

Soni & Soni will be happy to assist you with the filing of a design. A design must be filed using Form. The applicant must state the full name, address, nationality, name of the article, and class number. The class of the article should be mentioned correctly in the form. A design can be registered in more than one class. However, separate application is required for each class.

The fee for filing a design depends upon the services requested for. For a new application, the prescribed fee along with Form-1 is ₹ 1000/-and may cash, electronic transaction, bank draft or payable at par cheque pay either. Cheque and drafts should be made to Controller of Designs and drawn on a scheduled bank located at the respective filing location.The fee paid for proceedings will not be refunded under ordinary circumstances. This is irrespective of whether the proceeding takes place or not.

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