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Soni & Soni is a top consulting firm for Intellectual Property & Patent, Design and Trademark. We strictly follow the principles laid down in the Design Act, 2000. The Act was passed to unite laws concerning protection of design and to conform Articles 25 and 26 of TRIPS agreement. The Act refers “design” to the features of shape, pattern, configuration, decoration, or composition of colors or lines applied to any article. The design can be in two- or three-dimensional, or in both forms. The designs created by any specific industrial process (chemical, mechanical or manual)or a combination of the above. The finished article must appeal to the eye. Design laws do not concern with the principle of construction of a design.

A salient feature of the Act is that the concept of “absolute novelty” has been introduced whereby a ‘novelty would now be judged based on past publication of an article, not only in India but also in other countries.

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