What you and your Patent Attorney must go through

Getting a patent is not an easy task. You will definitely need proper support and guidance in your patent registration process. And who will help you? The answer is- a good patent advocate whom you can hire to help you navigate through the journey of patent applications.

Right from the first time you meet with your patent consultants, you both share the same goal: getting a successful patent for your product.

You, as the inventor, are the undisputed king in the technology behind the invention and your Patent Agents have experience in the legalities involved for getting a patent granted. Together, you and your patent attorney should go through a four stage process to secure a patent for your invention.

  1.  Explain your product

You have a major role to play at this stage. Your patent advocate has to understand clearly what your product is. Therefore, you need to explain everything in detail. During this stage, there is a discussion on how the invention is unique, how it differs from other existing products and how it integrates with your business plans.

You can come to us for an initial consultation for free, to discuss these issues. We, as your patent agents, will guide you in providing all the relevant details in the proper format.

  1. Preparation of Patent Application

Once your patent consultants are clear on the basis of which to base the patent claim, they start preparing the patent application. Everything has to be in order according to the patent registration form. Once you both agree that the application is accurate and complete, the application is ready for filing.

  1. Filing of the Application

The third stage is the complete responsibility of the patent agent. They are sure to be experienced in filing the application and it won’t take long for them to get it done.

  1. Examination of the patent application

One of the main reasons that this is a frustrating a stage is because it takes a long time. The queries to be answered, the points to be put forward to convince the patent office that your invention is unique, submit any other documents and the list goes on and on. Though, with a good patent attorney by your side, you will not face so much trouble.

Once you have been through these four stages, it is time for celebrations. By now you must have got a patent secured successfully. You will be able to rest in peace knowing that you have the sole right to use your invention for whatever purpose you wish to and that no one can misuse your invention without facing legal action. Thank your patent agent for helping you all the way and minimizing the hurdles for you.

One thought on “What you and your Patent Attorney must go through

  • There are a lot of different people all over the world that are inventing new things and bring new ideas to light. I think that it is important for those people to make sure that they get the credit that they deserve by making and patenting products and inventions. Like you mentioned, it would be a good idea to make sure that you have a patent attorney who can help you go through the process of getting the right kind of patent for your invention.

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