Trademark Registration: get it done, for the long run

The benefits of getting your trademark registered are many. Securing a trademark gives your brand legal protection. It provides your organization the power to prevent others from using similar signs or riding off the back of your business. With your brand registered, you are within your rights to take legal actions against any party that attempts to register a conflicting trademark that will damage your business prospects.

If you don’t register your trademark, someone else can use it for their nefarious benefits. This will put your brand credibility and any product or service development you are undertaking at a risk. The worst part is that you won’t have any legal power to fend of the other users. You may also find yourself in a position where you are legally prevented from expanding your business.

You would never want this, now would you! To prevent this, you need to make a trademark application.

What is a trademark application and how can you get it done?

It is a formal application made for the registering the trademark. It is the initial step in the process of getting legal rights over your assets such as brand name, logo, taglines, etc.

Most applicants use private trademark attorneys for legal advice regarding use of their trademark and filing an application. This increases the likelihood of success in the registration process, since not all applications proceed to registration. Experienced trademark legislation consultants like us will help you avoid many potential pitfalls that usually occur with trademark applications.

What do trademark legislation consultants do?

They ensure that your trademark is not too similar to any other one. One of the most common reasons for rejection of the trademark application is that it is too similar to another registered mark. If it is expected to confuse customers, expect your application to be rejected. Trademark registration services ensure that this is the exact thing that does not happen. It would do you good to let them check other trademarks before you do all the hard work of applying.

They also ensure that your good and services are accurately described. You’ll risk getting the rights to your trademark revoked if it is discovered that your description contained false or inaccurate information. They check for any discrepancies in your application and edit them so that you don’t face any legal hurdles later on.

Though getting a trademark registered is not very complex, it is not very simple either. It is always advisable to get help and proper guidance from experienced team of lawyers who know all the nitty gritties of getting a trademark registered. If you need to get it done, contact Soni & Soni (Mynyx Consulting) now.

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