Patent: A great opportunity to protect what is unique

So you have something up your sleeve! Something unique, something great. Something that, if used wisely, will give you good financial returns. So now what do you do? You file for a patent.

Why do you require a patent?

A patent is required to give legal security to your intellectual property. Your ideas, your inventions and all your innovations require protection so that no one can take undue advantage of them. Obtaining a patent could be the best decision you ever make because once you have it, you can rest in peace knowing that you are the only one who can use your mind creations to get commercial gains from them.

The thing is, the whole process of getting a patent is not so easy, neither is it pocket friendly.

While getting a patent, first one has to check whether the invention is patentable, make a detailed presentation of the invention and do a patent search.

What is a patent search?

The patent process is expensive. The last thing you want to do is to spend time, money and energy filing a patent application that might get rejected because someone else might already have a patent on it or some similar idea. Therefore, a patent search becomes crucial. It helps you know about prior patents and inventions that match or are similar to yours. Then you can decide whether to go ahead with the patent process or to tweak your ideas and inventions so that you have a high probability of getting a patent issued.

And then begins the main process of patent registration.

What does it include?

The patent registration process is a long one that includes writing the patent application, publishing it, making a request for examination and solving any objections based on the examination report. If you manage to maneuver your way through all this, then you get a patent.

All this seems complex and time consuming, doesn’t it? That doesn’t mean you should get discouraged. All you need to do is to approach Soni & Soni (Mynyx Consulting) and we will take care of everything for you. We try to understand your idea and give suggestions to refine it. We do a thorough patent search so that there is no chance that your application will clash with some other patent and get in a rough patch. We help you file your patent application and guide you through all the bureaucratic hurdles that follow. The biggest advantage is that you can save your own time and focus on your core tasks while we do all the rounds of government offices. We are there with you right from the inception of your idea till it gets a successful patent and even after that. Contact us, we bet you won’t regret!

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