Patent Applications: A path to Legal Ownership

Patenting is a process which grants exclusive rights to you for your product, invention, technique. Patent covers new and useful inventions (product, composition, machine process) or any new and useful improvement to any existing invention.

Getting patent done for your novel invention is always beneficial as it provides you two major advantages:

  • Ownership

You own the technology, invention or the product. You have full freedom to use, rent or sell it. You have legal powers to use your intellectual property for commercial gains. You can do all this without any hindrances. It helps you in raising your capital. You have the complete monopoly. No one in your industrial field can use, make or sell your intellectual property without your permission. It provides you competitive advantages as you are the sole maker and seller of your product or invention. If you wish to, you can sell the patent to other company.

  • Protection

Getting patent done gives you all the rights for your invention. In simple language it is just like buying a property on your name. If you decide to get your invention or product patented, it will ensure a safe commercial future for it. No one will be authorized to exploit your hard work. Although the whole process is expensive and time consuming, it is worth the effort if you want to provide legal security to your novel inventions. It will transform your technology and your intellectual property into a valuable asset.

Before filling a patent application, you need spend some of your resources to find if your innovation or idea is novel or not. This means someone else should not have a patent for the same invention, technology or product. If you miss or ignore this step then unfortunately your money, time and all other resources utilized for getting a patent for that particular invention will go in vain. Hence patent search is the most crucial step.

Then comes patent application. All the relevant documents need to be provided and you’ll have to wait for the examination. If everything goes without a hitch, then your inventions, ideas and your hard work behind it will be transformed into valuable assets.

We have trained and experienced Patent attorneys. We will guide you at every step. We ensure that all your steps are fruitful. To avoid patent clash, our professionals will do a thorough patent search before filing the patent application. We will be with you the entire time till you get a successful patent. We believe that time is money and our professionals ensure saving both for you. Just contact us with your idea and rest will be taken care of by us.

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