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Let’s face it, in today’s globalized and technologically advanced society, it is quite easy to copy and pirate stuff. This not only lowers the value and trustworthiness of your brand but also makes you lose tons of money that legitimate sales would have earned you. The situation can get quite bleak. So what can you do? There is a simple solution. You can get legal protection in the form of copyright.

What is a copyright?

You have done some original work and you are afraid that someone may plagiarize it! To prevent this from happening, you can take legal protection in the form of copyright.

A copyright is a law that gives you legit ownership over the things you create. Whether it is a painting, a book, a photograph, a poem, or a novel, if you genuinely created it, you own it. This ownership is reinforced by a copyright law.

It grants you with several exclusive rights. Those rights include:

  • The right to reproduce the work
  • to prepare derivative works
  • to distribute copies
  • to perform the work
  • and to display the work publicly

No one else other than you can illegally use your work for any purpose, in any form.

Benefits of using copyright registration services

  1. Public notice of your ownership

Your work will be published in the relevant database and it will be searchable to the public. Anybody who wishes to use your work will be easily able to identify it as copyrighted by looking in the catalogue.

  1. Legal Proof of ownership

Without copyright, you will have no proof that you own the work. A copyright explicitly stamps your ownership and makes it easier to prove that the work belongs to you.

  1. Ability to bring an infringement suit

This might be the most significant benefit. It gives you, as a copyright holder, the right to bring an infringement suit against any party that violates your copyright. You have the legal power to pursue cases against any case of pillaging and piracy.

If you don’t want to regret later, you must get your work copyrighted as soon as possible. Approach a good team of lawyers like us, who are experts in getting copyrights for you.

Soni and Soni (Mynyx Consulting) care for your work. We understand the hard work you put into creating it. And that is why we guide you through the entire process of getting a copyright. We do not want your work to be used by someone illegally. Do not worry, we have in-depth copyright consultant expertise that ensure we follow all the procedures that need to be done while getting a copyright. Contact us and we assure you that we will help you to the utmost of our capability to secure the ownership of work for you.

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