Design Patent: Don’t Overlook It

So your extremely smart brains have cooked up something new, have they! And now you want to get that patented. That’s great. Do you know there exists something like a ‘design patent’ that you can use to protect the designs that your mind makes up?

What is a design patent?

A design patent is a patent that protects virtually any new design feature of a useful object. It is a form of intellectual property protection which gives you the ability to safeguard the original shape or surface ornamentation of a useful manufactured article. This applies to any unique form or otherwise perceivable design features of an object like a chair, table, hand tool, clock, bottle, purse, etc. It can also be anything from the aesthetically design of a phone to a new font on your computer.

Business organizations and companies have been using design patents successfully from quite a long time, for their benefit. Medical devices companies guard their implants and drug delivery devices. Consumer health companies secure the designs of their replacement toothbrush heads and razor cartridges. Automobile companies protect their fenders and body panels zealously. Companies offering mobile apps and other web tools protect their appearance, design and the ‘feel’ of their online user experience.

There are so many designs that you can protect with design patents so that you are the only one who can benefit from it. It is better to get design patents early rather than keep regretting about it later.

If you are still confused about whether to get a design patent, just consult Soni and Soni (Mynyx Consulting) for FREE. We will solve all your doubts regarding this overlooked and underutilized patent. We will ensure that your application has no chances of getting rejected. We guide you all along so that you don’t have to stumble blindly in the legal quagmire.

You can keep thinking and creating new designs without worrying about anyone stealing them. We have years of experience in handling design patent applications and we ensure that those brilliant ideas of yours are well protected. Reach us today for getting guidance on something that is absolutely necessary. Don’t overlook it.

If you overlook it, you might find somebody else copying your design and actually patenting it; imagine what will be your situation then. You won’t be able to use your design because somebody else has got a design patent on it. So, don’t make this elementary mistake. Come to Soni and Soni (Mynyx Consulting) to get your design patented.

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