Copyright Registration: It’s your creation, keep it safe

All that glitters is not gold but all that you create is yours- and it should stay that way. Whatever you create- be it a song, a book, a painting, a movie or any other artistic thing- it is your hard work and you should be the only one who gets benefits out of it.

To secure the rights over your work and to protect others from gaining advantage from it, you need a copyright. For getting a copyright you need to do copyright registration.

So how does it work? How do you go through the process of copyright registration? Let us explain it to you in a very simple way.

  1. Obtaining information

When you approach an experienced agency like us that provides Copyright Registration Services, we will first try to understand about your work. You need to give us some preliminary information so that we know what we are dealing with and how we have to go about.

  1. Documentation

Once we have all the details, we will guide you all the way to ensure that copyright registration process poses no obstacles to you. We will ask any documents we need from you and finish the documentation process at the earliest. You do not have to run from pillar to post to make sure that all your documents are in order. We get everything ready for you.

  1. Filing

Once everything is ready, we file an application for copyright registration along with all the relevant details, copies and documents. Then comes a mandatory waiting period of 30 days to see if anyone files a complaint in the copyright office against the claim that the work is created by you. If, by chance, someone raises an objection, it may take another month’s time to sort out the matter. If everything seems okay at the end, then the copyright process moves ahead.

  1. Examination

If there is no objection from anyone during the month, your application is formally examined. The examiner might have some doubts that would have to be cleared and he might ask for some additional documents that would have to be provided.

  1. Registration

If everything works according to plan, then the Copyright Office issues a Copyright Registration Certificate in your favor.

Well, it does seem a lot doesn’t it! What you need is a helping hand. Someone like us. We know very well how to go about because we have been doing this sort of thing from years. We will guide you through the entire process. We will be there with you right from the earliest of the stages till the time you get a successful copyright. You can trust us to get the job done. Just come to us, because talking to us won’t cost you money.

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