3 Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Trademark Registration Services

If you want your business to become visible and find a reach amongst its target customers/clients/consumers, you must have a trademark. But there are times when this trademark (logo, name etc.) is copied by businesses out to make a quick buck by selling product copies. In such cases, they try to fool the public by[…]

Trademark Trivia !

You might be a startup, trying to make your place firm in the marketplace or you might be an established company that has a wide reach- there is no denying the fact that intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets you have. Yet, intellectual property doesn’t just mean patents on inventions. It also[…]

Trademarks: A wise investment

A Trademark is just another way of referring to a brand. You might not realize it but each one of you deals with various trademarks every day. If you care to notice, you will see them all around you. These trademarks subtly influence the buying decisions of consumers by representing brands that are reputed. It[…]

Trademark Registration: get it done, for the long run

The benefits of getting your trademark registered are many. Securing a trademark gives your brand legal protection. It provides your organization the power to prevent others from using similar signs or riding off the back of your business. With your brand registered, you are within your rights to take legal actions against any party that[…]


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