Benefits of Filing a Trademark Application

Have you ever been to McDonald’s and noticed that petite ® symbol on the logo? Have you ever bought Adidas or Nike products and wondered what that ® is and why is it there?

That ® is a symbol for trademark.  A trademark is used to distinguish particular goods and services from others in the same niche. It can be obtained on anything like a sign, a design, a colour combination, a symbol or a phrase.

Why do we need to file a trademark application? Why do we need to go through such a long application process? How is it beneficial?

There are many advantages associated with applying for a trademark as opposed to simply relying on common law or unregistered rights.

  1. Gives Legal Exclusivity

Registering a trademark is the quickest and most cost-effective way to ensure legal exclusivity for the use of your name, logo, symbol, etc. Registering your trademark reduces the risk of it being used by other traders.  Trademarks usually give nation-wide protection instead of rights that are restricted to the specific areas or regions in which one trades. Furthermore, if you want to expand overseas, you can even get International trademark registration done.

  1. Prevents exploitation of your brand by cheats

Trademark registration prevents other traders from exploiting your goodwill by using logos, symbols, etc. that are similar or identical to yours. You get an exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to your good or service. Registering your trademark even makes it a lot safer and easier to licence the use of your trademark to other people like manufacturers, distributors and franchisees.

  1. Increases the value

Holding a registered trademark significantly increases the value of your brand for potential purchasers. Trademarks give your products a status of “branded goods” and enables easy marketing and promotion. As a result, you stand to gain more profit.

But how do you get a trademark? All you need to do is to hire a reputed firm like ours which provides Trademark application services. With our years of experience, we will make sure that you face no hurdles while getting your trademark. We will ensure that you do not run into any legal problems that might occur. Contact us now. Consultation is absolutely free. Just come and talk to us and see how we can help you to smoothen out the entire process of trademark application. No need to run from one government office to another. No need to waste your time studying the legal rules and regulations. We will do that for you. You are free to devote your time and energy in some other productive task.

It’s business. Protect your hard earned goodwill, Get yourself a trademark now.

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