Copyright Registration Services: The help you need to fight Plagiarism

Plagiarism has existed since the time language and art have developed. People have this tendency of taking credit for the creations of others, that has led to all this plagiarism over the ages. The developing technology has also contributed massively to the cause. How does plagiarism take place? It is a three step process. First,[…]

Trademarks: A wise investment

A Trademark is just another way of referring to a brand. You might not realize it but each one of you deals with various trademarks every day. If you care to notice, you will see them all around you. These trademarks subtly influence the buying decisions of consumers by representing brands that are reputed. It[…]

Answers to some basic questions regarding Design Patent Registration

When you are thinking about getting an International Design Registration done, you need to know answers to these 4 basic questions: What is Design? If we refer to the Designs Act, 2000, Industrial Design is outlined as “the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of lines or colour or combination thereof applied[…]

What you and your Patent Attorney must go through

Getting a patent is not an easy task. You will definitely need proper support and guidance in your patent registration process. And who will help you? The answer is- a good patent advocate whom you can hire to help you navigate through the journey of patent applications. Right from the first time you meet with your[…]


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