Trademark Registration: get it done, for the long run

The benefits of getting your trademark registered are many. Securing a trademark gives your brand legal protection. It provides your organization the power to prevent others from using similar signs or riding off the back of your business. With your brand registered, you are within your rights to take legal actions against any party that[…]

Don’t let Obstacles Stop You from Commercializing Your Idea

With the push given to the ‘Make in India’ campaign, India is going through a period of unprecedented economic liberation, opening its vast consumer base to national and international firms. However, even though the process of starting a business venture has been made relatively easy, it is still a notoriously difficult place to do business.[…]

The What and Why of Intellectual Property Rights and Why You Need to Protected Them

The world’s most forward looking companies combine top-tier talent with the focus and flexibility demanded in the 21st century marketplace. It’s time your business/organization did the same. But why do you require a reputed and an experienced law firm? The first reason is to protect your intellectual property. The importance of intellectual property cannot be[…]


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